New DC catalogue TC 2021

It is with great pleasure and also a little pride that we announce the release of our new catalogue TC 2021

It is with great pleasure and also a little pride that we announce the release of our new catalogue TC 2021 which presents the following products:
  • Thread taps for classic thread cutting and Rigid Tapping
  • Thread formers
  • Crown taps
  • Combination drill/taps
  • Dies
  • Thread gauges
  • Tapping chucks SRT with inserts
  • Accessories

Furthermore, we have integrated our Nano-programme into this new catalogue. Therefore you will also find in it our

  • Nano machine taps
  • Nano thread formers
  • Nano thread gauges
  • Nano plug check gauges, Nano master plug gauges WEAR, Nano calibrating thread plug gauges


AERO “J” Programme with radius on the outside diameter for threads MJ – UNJC – UNJF, in the types S320VS-4 – S370VX-3 - SA320-4 – SA350-3 – SA390-3 – TL351VS-3

QTAP The DC Allrounder, with cutting edge optimisation for a wide range of applications, is now available for M-, MF-, UNC-, UNF- and G-threads.

ZX Machine taps type ZX320-4 – ZX420-4 for ALU-BRONZE-Alloys (AMPCO®)

NP NP110-S – NP210-S, sets of metrical hand taps, general dimensions as per DIN 352, taper tap with parallel pilot


Internal coolant channel with radial outflow with 45° (instead of 90° - change to new version in progress. - RTS.23VS-4 – FPS.84VS-3 – FAS.84VS-3

Taps with new conditioning of the cutting edges for longer tool life.

Z.70VS An increase in performance of up to 20 % can be achieved.

SA and TL Process reliability is achieved through higher cutting edge stability.

S.70VX Our new tap type S.70VS is produced with most stable cutting edges and best adapted to martensitic stainless steels and nickel alloys of the "aerospace industry”.

Enlarged DC application chart

  • Group 17* Alloy steels tempered > 44 - < 54 HRC
  • Group 18* Alloy steels hardened > 54 - < 63 HRC
    *(see also our programme DC solid carbide thread milling cutters and solid carbide thread whirl cutters as per DC catalogue TM1)
  • Group 64 Lead free brass (ECOBRASS®) > Lead-free copper alloys

Enlarged programme

  • for H-taps with TiCN coating (MF-, UNC- and UNF-threads)
  • for N-taps with TiN coating (MF-, UNC- and UNF-threads)
  • New in our programme: Z320VS-4 – Z420VS-4 for UNF-threads
  • Thread formers type FPS380DL-3 – FPS381DL-3 with DLC coating
    (as replacement of the former programme FPS380CN-3 – FPS381CN-3)

This catalogue is supplemented by additional technical information that gives you a deeper insight into the subject of "thread cutting".

We hope you enjoy discovering our new catalogue. Should any questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

We would also be pleased to receive your feedback with comments and suggestions. And now have fun browsing.