Tap K

The swarfbreaker

Dear user

This week we would like to introduce our tap K to you: Thread cutting without chip issues.

Tapping in deep blind holes, especially with long-chipping materials, often leads to tangled chips and chip pockets. A nuisance when the series or even the tapping cycle itself has to be interrupted to remove the annoying chips.
DC SWISS has recognized this problem and has firmly anchored the answer in its portfolio with the chipbreaker - tap series K. This specialist comes up trumps with the following features:

  • Special flute geometry for breaking the chips
  • Extra long flutes for machining up to a depth of 4xD
  • VS or TC coating to extend tool life
  • Coolant channel with frontal outlet - the holes are cleaned with high pressure

Designed, manufactured and marketed for threading in steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and aluminium alloys with elongation at break below 20%. And what do you need to fragment long-chipping materials?

  • Internal cooling with 20bar pressure at exit
  • Length compensation chuck or synchronous tapping Chuck
Standard sizes are available in M6 to M42 and in metric fine from 10-20mm. On your request, we also manufacture variants in other thread types or with lateral coolant outflow for machining through holes. Contact us and we will provide you with the tailor-made swarfbreaker!