Tap Z

The pro for stainless steel

Dear User,

This week we would like to introduce our Z tap to you in more detail.

Thread machining of stainless steels involves some challenges:

- The poor thermal conductivity of the base material leads to an increased heat load on the cutting edge of the tool and tends to cause cold welding

- The long swarf makes it difficult to evacuate, especially in deep blind holes, which increases the danger of swarf nests around the tap shank

- The high toughness of the material to be machined limits the machinability and the tool lifetime

The solution for thread machining is our "Z" tap - a specialist for use in stainless steels and nickel alloys. This tap made of HSSE-PM in variant Z.70VS for blind hole application, with or without internal cooling to increase performance, has 45° helix flutes, which enables process-safe tapping of blind holes up to 3xD. Thanks to the DC wear protection layer, cold welding is prevented and tool wear is reduced. The high slip coefficient improves chip removal and reduces the torque required during the machining of your components. You choose the method of operation because the cutting geometry allows both classic tapping with a compensation spindle as well as rigid tapping. Shrinking is also possible thanks to the shank tolerance h6. We recommend using cutting oil, but you can also achieve acceptable results with an emulsion containing 10% or more oil.

The pro for the use in stainless steels and nickel alloys up to 1150N/mm2 tensile strength we offer you in the standard program M, MF, UNC, UNF, G (BSP) and EG (UNC + UNF) from 2 to 24mm. Customised solutions are also available on request, please contact us for this!

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