Customer threading problem

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Manufacturing Engineers & Technicians, Machine Operators and End Users

Do you produce a workpiece from a high-strength steel, maybe a tough nickel alloy or perhaps lead-free brass and want a better end result in thread machining? Are you wondering how to improve chip evacuation so that you don't have to remove annoying chips? Are you still not satisfied with the surface of the internal thread because chatter marks are somewhat pronounced & noticeable?

We are confronted with similar questions & many more on a daily basis and, therefore, have continuously expanded our knowledge and experience during the past 80 years. Answers to questions such as: the optimum cutting parameter, feeds and infeeds for thread milling cutters can already be found in our main catalogue, in our support brochures and in videos on our Youtube channel. You can benefit from the wealth of our experience & access the knowledge of our skilled workforce quicker and easier than ever before. There are many sources of information are at your disposal, both in Switzerland and abroad. Contact us in Malleray, Cologne, Rho or Sheffield. Alternatively, you could also get in touch directly with our experienced technical sales representatives, who will expertly gather the details of the problem on site before advising you of the solution accordingly. If the challenge is somewhat greater, our Swiss technical application engineers will be asked to become involved. They are closely linked to the development department & help to create the products and solutions of tomorrow.

Do not forget our long-standing sales partner network at home and abroad, who have a broad knowledge of threading technology themselves and are constantly informed about innovations.

We look forward to your challenge!