The new Catalog Nano Thread

Master the smallest and most precise threaded connections DC SWISS present our new catalog NANO THREAD


Master the smallest and most precise threaded connections

Present the new catalogue::


DC SWISS are widely recognized as brand leader for threaded connections. Our range of products includes specialized products, tools, tool-adapters and gauges. The products and services presented in the latest catalogue logo_nano-thread are only the tip of the iceberg. As your partner, we are glad to assist you in the conception and development of customized products.

With the present catalogue we have achieved to establish a new benchmark for micro threading tools. On 100 pages DC SWISS present more than 1200 tools and gauges of the latest generation of micro threadings ranging from Ø 0.3 – Ø 2.74mm.

5 years of intensive research and development of new technologies have borne fruit and 4 registered patents.

A revised price list with the new sales conditions is included with the catalogue logo_nano-thread. The sharp price increase of raw materials as well as delivery times of several month have forced us to adapt our prices. However, the performance and availability of the new range of tools greatly compensate the higher prices.

The DC SWISS team look forward to presenting in person the advantages and performances of the new range of  tools.

Click on the link below to download your very first copy (PDF) of the new catalog :



Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information you may require.

Your DC SWISS Team


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