Stainless Steels

Increasing process security in tough and demanding materials

Challenge Accepted – The Z70 Inox

The Challenge

Working with Stainless Steels


Poor thermal conductivity, therefore

  • • Overheating of the cutting edge
  • • Material-Gluing with tool (Cold welding)


    Long swarfs, therefore

    • • Tricky chip evacuation in deep blind holes
    • • Risk of swarf nest around tap shank


    High material toughness, therefore

    • • Difficult to machine
    • • Limited tool lifetime

    The Consequence

    Unpleasant side effects

    Cold Weldings

    Swarf Nests

    Dissatisfied Customer

    The Solution

    DC Swiss Z-Inox Thread Cutting


    The tap is made from HSSE-PM and is available with or without internal lubrication. The flutes are helical R 45, for tapping blind holes up to 3 x D1, in Stainless and alloy steels with high elongation and tensile strength up to 1’150 N/mm2.

    Suitable for soluble water

    The VS surface coating provides protection against wear and cold welding. A high slip coefficient facilitates chip removal and reduces torque.


    Process safety up to 3 x D1
    The cutting geometry and shape of the R45 flutes generate compact, regular chips, ensuring process safety.

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