DC Swiss offers a wide choice of practice-oriented customer training. No matter if you are beginner or expert; there is the right course for everyone. The mix of theory and practice is not only fun, but also the fundamental knowledge in threading engineering.

A selection of our training categories:
  • Thread cutting
  • Thread forming
  • Thread milling and whirling
  • Clamping technology for threading tools
  • Optimizing the tools performance and productivity

The training is followed by the popular DC factory tour. Experience the journey from a simple blank at the beginning until the final examination of the quality department, all the different steps of a modern production. You are invited to witness, how passion and precision creates the most advanced threading tools.

If a visit in our factory isn’t possible, we’ll come to you! With our customized on-site training, it’s easy to ensure that your team has the right skills in threading technology.